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Music Pack: Hollywood Trailer

Category : Blog, Music Packs · No Comments · by May 19th, 2016

Hollywood Trailer Music Pack consists of 3 epic/dramatic hybrid orchestral tracks. Each has a typical blockbuster trailer dramaturgical structure: suspense, tension buildup, an emotional climax, epic impacts and drops. Each composition has several variations making editing easier.


The preview opens with 3 complete versions then followed by variations.

Included in the pack (click on the title to hear or buy an individual track):

1. Hollywood Trailer
— Main version (2:22) [at the beginning of the preview]

+ 1-minute edit (1:00) [at 7:06 on the preview]
+ Climax only (0:43) [at 8:04 on the preview]
+ Stinger 1 (0:07) [at 8:47 on the preview]
+ Stinger 2 (0:07) [at 8:56 on the preview]

Music Pack: Creativity and Inspiration

Category : Blog, Music Packs · No Comments · by Feb 20th, 2015

Music Packs consist of several tracks and the price is 50% lower than when buying those tracks individually.

Fresh approach towards inspirational / motivational music, this pack consists of 4 original instrumental tracks united by subtle classical music aroma, refined melodies and leading acoustic piano. At the same time, each composition has its own particular mood.

Royalty-free Production Music Pack: Creativity and Inspiration:
Peak Experiences = motivation, achievement, success, vitality
Hey, Look! = playfulness, happiness, excitement, joy
The Success Formula = ideas, discovery, purposefulness, positivity
Sunlight Memories = creativity, dreams, reflection, inspiration

Inside the pack:
Peak Experiences
Hey, Look!
The Success Formula
Sunlight Memories

All additional variations (short edits, extra cues) are also included in this production music pack.


Music Pack: Cinematic Action and Suspense

Category : Blog, Music Packs · No Comments · by Oct 6th, 2014

This cinematic royalty-free music pack (3 tracks with 50% discount!) makes a complete story: suspense, feeling the danger… the epic chase, pure cinematic action… and a post-scriptum reflection, a glance back and a hopeful look into the future. Each track has useful additional variations.

Inside the pack:
The Epic Chase
– 1. Main version (2:05)
– 2. Open Riser 1 (0:16) [at 2:08 on the preview]
– 3. Open Riser 2 (0:30) [at 2:27 on the preview]
Following The Suspect
– 1. Main version (3:00) [starts at 3:05 on the pack preview]
– 2. Loop 1 (0:17) [at 6:07 on the preview]
– 3. Loop 2 (0:17) [at 6:25 on the preview]
– 4. Loop 3 (0:17) [at 6:42 on the preview]
– 5. Loop Stop (0:03) [at the end of Loop 3 on the preview]
Before the Closing Credits
– 1. Main version (2:06) [starts at 7:07 on the pack preview]
– 2. Subtle cue (0:50) [starts at 9:16 on the preview]
– 3. Ambient cue (0:35) [starts at 10:10 on the preview]

Total music pack’s length: 7:23 (only the main versions) or aprox. 10:44 (with all the variations / additional cues)