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Music composition and editing services

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I now freelance as a composer, sound editor and a session pianist. My music focus is on capturing the right vibe, amplifying it and achieving sincere emotional response. I can help you find aesthetically pleasing and authentically fitting musical solutions. I look forward to contributing to creative projects that seek sincere, impactful and authentic musical expression.

Audio Editing

Cutting tracks to length, adjusting audio precisely to your project. Combining music, sound effects and voice recordings letting each element take its place without conflicts.

I have extensive experience in editing pre-recorded audio material: seamless music looping, precise custom stops and drops that were not there before, fine length adjustments etc.

Custom Music Composition

It is important that you feel my personal style will fit your project, listen to some music first. If we match creatively, nothing will beat working together and create unique soundtrack specially for your project! For custom music works contact me via the form.