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Music Pack: Hollywood Trailer

Category : Blog, Music Packs ยท by May 19th, 2016

Hollywood Trailer Music Pack consists of 3 epic/dramatic hybrid orchestral tracks. Each has a typical blockbuster trailer dramaturgical structure: suspense, tension buildup, an emotional climax, epic impacts and drops. Each composition has several variations making editing easier.


The preview opens with 3 complete versions then followed by variations.

Included in the pack (click on the title to hear or buy an individual track):

1. Hollywood Trailer

— Main version (2:22) [at the beginning of the preview]

+ 1-minute edit (1:00) [at 7:06 on the preview]

+ Climax only (0:43) [at 8:04 on the preview]

+ Stinger 1 (0:07) [at 8:47 on the preview]

+ Stinger 2 (0:07) [at 8:56 on the preview]

2. Storm Trailer

— Main version (2:15) [at 2:18 on the preview]

+ Intro only (0:21) [at 9:03 on the preview]

+ Phase 1: suspense, preparation (0:45) [at 9:26 on the preview]

+ Phase 2: action (0:48) [at 10:12 on the preview]

+ Stingers (0:27) [at 11:01 on the preview]

3. Dark Trailer

— Main version (2:30) [at 4:33 on the preview]

+ Shorter alternative edit (1:33) [at 11:28 on the preview]

+ Ending version (0:26) [at 13:01 on the preview]

+ Intro version (0:26) [at 13:24 on the preview]

+ Stingers (0:17) [at 13:55 on the preview]

Descriptions of each track included in this trailer music pack:

Hollywood Trailer is an instrumental piece with a symphonic orchestra, epic percussion and dark synths. Hybrid epic trailer music, detailed cinematic textures, sliding bass drops, processed roaring impacts. This track uses hybrid cinematic soundscape for a build-up to a big climax featuring soaring emotional strings and huge heavy drums. This track is a complete trailer soundtrack that consists of several phases: mystery/suspense, preparation/looming danger, climax/emotional peak, final drop and dark epic impacts. Great for mysterious, dark, suspenseful, heroic and emotional drama/action trailers, film teasers, YouTube videos, cinematic-style commercials, video game teasers and so on.

Storm Trailer is a full-length hybrid dramatic trailer or action soundtrack. Growing/rising intro, suspenseful progression, central epic action phase and wide-open melodic heroic outro. Sections are also included separately along with additional stingers for easy editing.

Dark Trailer is a hybrid orchestral / electronic track, epic trailer music with an emphasis on dark emotional drama. This track has three massive, heavy impact drops (intro, mid part and finale) and two suspenseful, mysterious, foreboding progressions. Action/drama cinematic strings, big epic drums, huge distorted slides.